chlorellaMesko’s Chlorella is a micro alga cultivated by an innovative and patented technology in an enclosed and controlled system in Europe’s largest algae farm. The unique cultivation method enables the production of a Chlorella vulgaris of unprecedented level of purity.

We use light flooded glass tubes within a gigantic greenhouse that protect the algae from environmental influences. Due to the enclosed “algae glass highways”, harmful substances such as pesticides and heavy metals cannot be introduced from the atmosphere. Additionally there are no “dark zones” as in the depths of pond systems.

Our Chlorella offers superior quality to algae farmed in South-East Asia as there is no risk of health hazards due to contamination by waterfowl, insects, bacteria, fungi and lead contamination due to air pollution. This also means that the algal powder harvested does not require sterilization or partial sterilization.

Our Chlorella is cultivated with pristine artesian water dating back to the Ice Age which we source from our own enclosed water lens. The in-house laboratory continually checks all the parameters that are important for the cultivation of our chlorella products. Analyses by externally certified laboratories and authorities confirm these results. The facility is ISO 9001, GMP and HACCP certified.

Chlorella’s success is attributed to its properties that are making it an alternative and unconventional source of nutrients:

  • 51-58% of high quality protein including all essential amino acids
  • 10-15% of lipid (including a-linolenic acid)
  • a rich source of chlorophyll, lutein and vitamin B12